Mobilise Your Fans With The Touch Of An App

7 Reasons Artists Need MAKEMYPLAYLIST for their next release

Let's talk about MAKEMYPLAYLIST, the latest app to hit the market that has a proven track record of finding, collating and mobilising an artist’s fans. MAKEMYPLAYLIST uses audience data, fan engagement and music consumers long-standing love of a good playlist to drive views, clicks and spins for your artist.

Here are the top seven reasons why MAKEMYPLAYLIST is the application that you’ve been dreaming of.

You Can Get To Know Your Audience

From the cassette mixes of yore to the Spotify shares of today, the playlist has proven itself a lasting way for fans to share and compare their favourite artists. MAKEMYPLAYLIST takes this ethos and turns it into a way for artists to get playlisted, reward fans, and build buzz. Through a money-can't-buy experience, fans are encouraged to 'build a playlist' with their favourite artist, although they nary have to lift a finger because each playlist comes pre-loaded with the artist's latest hero release. Through this, you are collecting direct data on how your fans engage with your artist and what their demographic makeup looks like without pulling a Zuckerberg and creeping on your audience.

You Are Seen By More People, Faster

Think of this as a domino effect, with every entry submitted through the competition landing page, an individual playlist featuring your hero release is created. This not only means that your song will be naturally streamed more times, but that the increase in playlists can boost your hero release's status on the streaming platform. More people interested in that great prize means more playlists, means more streams, means more airtime for the artist. This greater visibility has the potential for your hero release to be featured on high-traffic playlists.

You Can Reel In New Fans

Considering the amount of music being released every day, it’s easy for tunes to get lost in the flood. MAKEMYPLAYIST reaches current fans of an artist and introduces them to your next hero release. Rather than seeing that an artist has a new song out and forgetting two seconds later, fans will actively engage through a MAKEMYPLAYLIST activation. This is a shortcut to get your hero release directly into the hands of your fans and into their streaming platforms.

You Can Create A Community

What would Justin be without his Beliebers or Lady Gaga without her Little Monsters? Creating an avid community of fans is one of the most important things an artist can do. Lucky for you, MAKEMYPLAYLIST knows how to do just that. The larger your audience base, the greater the opportunity for engagement. For to validate an entry into your competition, fans have to share a social post highlighting they have just entered your competition. This means your MAKEMYPLAYLIST will organically reach new fans through their friends online. 

You Can Get Those Sweet Sweet Deets

MAKEMYPLAYLIST allows you to pick out the engaged fans within an audience and make sure that they’re the ones receiving the news that they want. Fans entering the competition will either submit their entry after logging in through a streaming provider, a social network, or both. This information can then be turned into remarketing lists to provide relevant digital advertising for fans of your release. MAKEMYPLAYLIST also integrates with tools such as Google Ads Remarketing and Facebook Pixels, enabling custom audiences to be created.

You Can Make It Sparkle

Just like no two artists are the same, no two MAKEMYPLAYLIST’s are quite alike thanks to a built-in beautiful custom design featuring your visuals. With certain customisable elements, a MAKEMYPLAYLIST activation will highlight your hero release artwork, logo, music video, and recently submitted playlist entries. It’s all about the aesthetics, baby.

Most Importantly, It Bloody Works

We can bandy around benefits until the cows come home but the fact is that this works. MAKEMYPLAYLIST has the potential to truly boost your next release if used to its full potential. Add up the engaged fan base, stunning visuals and active social campaign and you’ve got yourself the impact that your next hero release needs. Just look that the campaign Timmy Trumpet ran, him and his team used the app to reach 23,000 visitors over two months, with a 19.5% conversion rate. Those numbers don’t lie.

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