Data Collection


The Make My Playlist app collects an entrant’s username (Spotify), name (YouTube) and email address. This data is retrieved via the Spotify/YouTube API and stored in a MySQL database. The database is hosted on a secure cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) in OVH.

Security & Sharing

We use standard security measures to ensure that our data is stored safely, including encryption and unique passwords. In terms of sharing data, only upon competition completion or client request is a .cvs export of the database sent via email. Once delivered, this data is owned by the client.


In compliance with data regulation, entrants must agree to their data being collected. The terms and conditions (created by the client) found directly under the ‘Enter Now’ button in the app must communicate this and cover all issues of legality.

Global Activations

For global activations, as different countries have different means for data regulation, appropriate documentation of terms and conditions has to be prepared for every market. For an upcoming global activation using Make My Playlist for a major record label, a custom country-selector drop down menu was added to the app’s landing page such that correct T&Cs can be displayed according to the country.


For each campaign, Jaden Social sets up a new Google Tag Manager account, where the client's Google Analytics and Facebook pixels are implemented, for remarketing and tracking purposes.


Specific to activations in Europe, changes to the app have to be made to comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). If a Facebook pixel is installed on the app, a pop-up notification has to be added, informing entrants that the app uses cookies, what it uses the cookies for, alongside if the cookie information is shared with third parties. In the same vein, if an entrant’s data is used for an EDM campaign, a double opt-in procedure must be added to the app so as to comply with the GDPR.